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We’re not suggesting that our fantastic group of influential, independent (in thought and everything else) reviewers are a bit whiffy but, given the heat over the past few weeks, they’ve certainly done some sweating to provide the very best, completely honest and unbiased, reviews.

It’s been a balls-out month with the team spending more than 450 hours watching and listening in order to recommend some of the very best hi-fi, home cinema and TVs on the planet. Now that’s a lesson in commitment…

Here is a round-up of what we’ve been listening to and watching.

Andrew Everard had a brilliant time in his listening room with the HiFi Rose RS150 music streamer, and was first out of the starting blocks with his comprehensive, and loving, review of the brand new Marantz CD60 CD player.

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Similarly, near Milton Keynes self-confessed vinyl nerd, Ed Selley was spinning the new Pro-ject X8 turntable (and what a cracker that turned out to be) and the luxurious, Italian-designed Sonus faber Omnia all-in-one wireless speaker.

Simon Lucas dragged himself away from his local South Coast beach to concentrate on putting the JBL 4305P and KEF LSXII wireless speakers through their paces, while still finding space in his lugs to assess the unique design of the Campfire Audio Andromeda in-ear monitors.

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Plus, Simon was able to bring us one of the UK’s first reviews of the Sony XR55A95K TV and, along with Steve Withers reviewing the very similar S95B QD-OLED TV from Samsung, presented these on our first Sound Advice Live session. It’s available now on our YouTube channel.

Finally in our monthly round-up, we come to one of the most forthright and well informed reviewers of television and home cinema, John Archer, who nabbed the first review of the impressive new Philips 55OLED807 and gave us great insight into two new soundbars, the Samsung flagship HW-Q990B and the wonderfully designed Devialet Dione.

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