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who are we?

We started working together around the time of the reign of Æthelred the Unready. We created several magazines about hi-fi and TVs as well as titles covering photography, music, caravans, horticulture, football, advertising, newspapers, camping and so on...

Our approach and values were always the same irrespective of the subject – we aimed to produce the best magazine with the most interesting articles, a first-class design and high production values. 

Our philosophy was simple; By focusing upon producing a superior editorial product we would have a market leading magazine that sold in quantity. Advertising would follow as brands and retailers wanted to engage with our readers and by and large it was a formula that worked well for everyone.

All change

But www stopped people buying magazines. The information they had provided was now available for free on the internet. And although the quality was variable, the information often untrustworthy it was free and that sadly was the ruling logic.

We joined the geek wagon and set up a digital marketing agency. We’re quite good at finding the right customers that companies want to reach online. We were producing ads that went on to websites that often distracted from the editorial content on that site, something that we had always vehemently fought against.

Opportunity knocks

Lockdown gave us a pause for reflection; There must be more to life than producing ads, so why don’t we create a product to traditional standards utilising modern tech capabilities?

So, we got together with the most capable writers, reviewers, designers that we had worked with over the years and created Sound Advice, featuring the top 100 or so consumer electronics products available today, all recommended by our panel of expert reviewers. The most credible reviews on a clean design without the distraction of flashing ads. Plus, a personal advice service with the experts if you want it. And all free!

the model

We will not charge the consumer for advice or the retailer for potential sales. Nor will we carry advertising or run any affiliate marketing model for retailers. 

Instead, manufacturers can support a product on the site. This will gain them a more prominent coverage and enable them to include additional information alongside the review (the testing process and written review is the same for all) including brochures, videos and they can re-use our reviews for other activities.

This doesn’t change which products we select (recommendations from the independent reviewers) or how they are reviewed but contribution from the brands will enable Sound Advice to be commercially viable and provide the consumer with a completely independent assessment of consumer electronic products currently available. 

Sound Advice a fairer and more credible reviewing process. One that can be trusted by consumers, retailers, and brands.

We’re more than happy to talk through the process in more detail with anyone: Consumers, brands, retailers etc.

We’d love your feedback:

Gary Kimberley, Bruce Black