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NAD (an acronym for New Acoustic Dimension) was created in London in 1972. In contrast to many companies of the time, NAD focused on limited but sufficient feature sets and power outputs that weren’t spectacular on paper but drove speakers in real world conditions. Models such as the 3020 integrated amp cemented its reputation for capable affordable, desirable equipment.      

In 1991, NAD was purchased the AudioNord group in Denmark which ran the company until it was purchased by the present owners, the Canadian, Lenbrook Group in 1999. This precipitated a rather unexpected change in output from NAD, taking them from tried and tested technology to one of the boldest and most forward thinking brands in the consumer electronics industry. 

Wide range

NAD currently produces a range of components that ranges from £300 to £6,400 and it is active in stereo, multichannel and custom install. The company has become a tireless cheerleader for class D technology, doing more than almost any other single organisation to make Class D something that can be seen as a genuinely audiophile choice. NAD's commitment to modular design, allows products to be updated in the future an increasingly popular feature with buyers.

Streaming expertise

This has gone hand in hand with the company's development of the BluOS streaming platform.

This flexible and incredibly user friendly streaming system combines access to your own music library with a comprehensive choice of streaming services and also allows for multiple products to be controlled from the same app. Combined with the launch of the Bluesound range of streaming products and the more recent decision to allow BluOS to be licensed to other companies has made NAD a major player in the music delivery arena. 

NAD's home audio products are distributed exclusively in the UK by the retail chain, Sevenoaks Sound & Vision.