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Denon AVC-X6700


Denon has built a deserved reputation for producing comprehensive and affordable AV amplifiers and receivers. The AVC-X6700H is an excellent example of the company’s ethos, combining every feature imaginable with 11 channels of powerful built-in amplification. The result is an extremely capable immersive audio amplifier with everything you need in one well-made chassis.

The X6700 decodes all the object-based audio formats, including Dolby Atmos, DTS:X Pro and Auro-3D. It also supports IMAX Enhanced and Denon’s HEOS multiroom system, plus there’s Audyssey room correction to ensure a seamless and cohesive delivery. There are even HDMI 2.1 connections to ensure this multichannel marvel remains current without breaking the bank.

Sound Quality

The AVC-X6700H can handle 11.2 channels right out of the box – although if for some reason that’s inadequate, it can actually process up to 13.2 by adding a two-channel power amp. Assuming eleven speakers and two independent subwoofers is a sufficient level of immersion, you can choose between various configurations that include surround and overhead options.

You might think that with all those channels of grunt inside the X6700 it would be a beast, but it’s actually surprising svelte for an AV amplifier. Thankfully those trim dimensions haven’t been achieved at the expense of power or responsiveness, and the Denon can still deliver 205W per a channel, which is more than sufficient to drive the entire system at very unsociable volumes.

This amplification produces a clean and neutral sound that makes it an ideal partner for most speaker packages, and while the Denon excels with movie soundtracks, it’s also a solid performer when it comes to music. The stereo imaging is impressive, with clear vocals and instruments placed across the front with precision, while the overall delivery is energetic and fun.

The X6700H is extremely detailed when it comes to orchestrating multichannel movie mixes, making sure you don’t miss any of those all-important audio effects. Thanks to Audyssey room correction it’s also tonally balanced, ensuring sounds are seamlessly steered from speaker-to-speaker, and the subwoofers are perfectly integrated to produce bass that’s deep and tight.

The result is a cohesive soundstage where dialogue, music, sound effects and bass are all reproduced with consummate skill. While any surround mix will sound fantastic, an immersive format like Dolby Atmos will blow your socks off with its three-dimensional delivery, as it moves sounds around and over you, while shaking the foundations with some seismic low-end impact.

Living with the X6700H

As with all of Denon’s AV amplifiers and receivers, the AVC-X6700H is a piece of cake for setting tup. A highly intuitive wizard takes you through the entire process, and the Audyssey room correction uses the included microphone to balance out the speakers, smoothly integrating the subwoofers, and eliminating your environment’s less desirable acoustic qualities.

Denon has been using the same design template for decades, but if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. So you get an easy-to-read and informative display sandwiched between large dials for selecting the inputs and adjusting the volume. A drop-down flap hides all the controls and front inputs, the build quality is excellent, and there’s a choice of black or premium silver finishes.

The remote control lacks a backlight, which is a shame, but the well designed remote app brings Denon’s HEOS multiroom system to the party. This connects any supporting HEOS devices into a single seamless multiroom system, and music lovers can even benefit from high-resolution audio support. The inclusion of IMAX Enhanced also allows you to enjoy upgraded audio on Disney+.

The extensive connectivity includes HDMI 2.1 inputs and outputs, allowing the X6700 to pass 4K and HDR (including Dolby Vision), along with 8K video and 120Hz high-frame-rate gaming. In terms of other connectivity, there’s built-in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and AirPlay 2, plus it also works the Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant – thus adding limited voice control.

Since this is an AV amplifier, rather than a receiver, there’s no built-in tuner, but the only other limitation is a single HDMI 2.1 input. So if you enjoy 4K/120Hz gaming on both the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5, you can only connect one at a time, but otherwise the elegant and sensibly designed X6700 has every feature you can possibly imagine.

Sample soundtracks

House of Flying Daggers

This martial arts epic boasts a highly immersive and very energetic 5.1 soundtrack that makes full use of all the speakers and the LFE channel, but it’s the famous drum dance where the X6700H really excels, revealing a tight and perfectly balanced combination of effects steering and bass.

Apocalypse Now

This Vietnam war classic was the first film to ever use stereo surrounds, and the new Atmos mix takes things to the next level (literally). The Ride of the Valkyrie sequence allows the X6700H to fully demonstrate the cohesion of its soundstage as helicopters fly all around and above you. 

Jurassic World

This entertaining dino reboot uses an aggressive DTS:X soundtrack to give the set pieces greater impact, but it’s the hunt for the Indominus Rex where the X6700H shines. The mix places noises above you in the trees, it gives the monstrous dinosaur added weight, and a roar that’s terrifying.

What the press say

The X6700H was a What Hi-Fi? award winner in 2021, with a five star review that praised its sonic prowess and future-proofing, Plus, the review team said that it delivered big wins for gamers, while also being ideal for those wanting to future proof their set-ups for the 8K content due to arrive within the five- or ten-year. Sound and Vision also awarded five stars in a review that highlighted its exceptional audio and video performance and excellent onscreen set-up guidance, making it easy to optimise.

Why you should buy it

The Denon AVC-X6700H is an accomplished AV amplifier that delivers 11 channels of power and class-leading immersive audio processing in a compact and beautifully engineered package. The design and build quality are both excellent, the connectivity and features are comprehensive, and setup couldn’t be easier. The audio performance is exceptional, and the HDMI support for 8K and next-gen gaming features provides some welcome future-proofing. You simply won’t find another AV amplifier at this price point that offers so much and does it so well.

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