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Q Acoustics

Most of the brand profiles on Sound Advice will start to the effect that ‘Company X was founded by [individual] with a passion for <insert area of audio engineering here>.’ Q Acoustics is something of an exception to this pattern because, rather than being a one person passion project, the reasons why it came into being were wholly pragmatic in nature. Parent company Armour Home Electronics had been distributing Mission speakers for many years. When this agreement ended, they set out to create an affordable speaker brand of their own to plug that gap. The original 1000 Series was launched in 2006.

Winners from the start

Unsentimental origins or not, the defining characteristic of this early range of speakers was they were exceptionally good; garnering numerous awards and selling extremely well. They also created a template that Q Acoustics has followed ever since. The company is not radical for the sake of being radical and has remained a keen user of soft dome tweeters and relatively conventional doped paper drivers for many of their ranges.

Where they have been more innovative is their cabinet construction. Relatively early on, the company developed a system called Gelcore that comprises layers of MDF separated by non setting adhesive that converts energy into heat to be dissipated away. This is employed in varying thicknesses up to the flagship Concept 300 and 500 which employ triple layer Gelcore cabinets that are astonishingly inert. 

Actively involved

As well as conventional box speakers, Q Acoustics has undertaken a lot of work with BMR (Balanced Mode Radiator) drivers and has used them in a variety of applications including the Active 200 and 400 models; the first active speakers from the company. From the outset, considerable focus has been given to Home Cinema applications as well and the company produces a range of AV options supported by a custom install range as well. The most recently released 5000 models have demonstrated that the company has now turned its attention to more driver refinements, suggesting that- passion project or not- there is more to come from the company.

Product reviews

Q Acoustics 5020 stereo speakers "Many speaker companies make upmarket compact standmount speakers – it’s just that few do them as affordably, or to such high quality, as these sleek-looking, fine-sounding Q Acoustic 5020 models. Pick a finish to suit your room – black, white or wood – and you won’t be disappointed."

Q Acoustics 5040 stereo speakers "Good value for money; easy to drive; thoroughly rewarding;, satisfyingly humungous, spacious sound; understanding the need for delicacy and stupefyingly deep bass when required; with a thankful modern design appreciation in a world of conservatism"

Q Acoustics Concept 300stereo speakers "Beauty is more than skin deep here as underneath each sleek cabinets are unique performance-enhancing  innovations that make sound sense and are clearly worth shelling out for"

Q acoustics M20 wireless speakers "This is a fabulous little system with a big, big sound, all crammed into a pair of compact speakers without compromising the performance one bit. Wherever you want great music in your home, the M20 will deliver – for a ridiculously affordable price"

Q Acoustics 3050i Cinema Pack "this is another winning system from a company that continues delivers year after year."