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we've had a stonkingly productive September; we have a bunch of first in the UK reviews as well as a highly successful Sound Advice Live session where we did live, video reviews of at least 10 products all of which are available on our youtube channel.

But let's look at this first; John Archer's excellent review of the new Panasonic TX-55LZ1500 OLED TV, the first in the UK.

Also for home cinema fans, we have Steve withers reviewing the high-end Sony Sony VPL-XW7000ES projector, a rarefied piece of kit coming in at a penny under £15,000.

We've been all ears to headphones too this month. First up was the relatively modestly priced Audio Technica ATH-WP900: At £600, they are very modestly priced in comparison the £4699 Focal Utopia:

Ed Selley was so excited about the Utopias, he even took onto TikTok!

Our You'\Tbe channel is becoming very popular, thank you to all visitors, we hope you enjoy what you see

If you haven't been our channel sits here

You'll find loads of reviews including the Loewe Bild i, Linn Majik DSM, JBL's 4305P wonderful wireless speakers, and the McIntosh 8950 stereo amp

Read John Archer's review here