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Over the past few weeks, the reviewers have been saying that there has been a bit of a dry spell of new products coming along to review. Then, a bit like the number 74 (Putney Bridge - Baker Street), three come along at the same time.

And, because all are absolute stormers, (plus the fact that we are the first, with at least one, to do the review) we've decided to kick off Monday by publishing all three.

This is what we have:

The brand new Cambridge MXN10 streamer, designed to fit into your existing hi-fi system to bring the joys of music streaming, without a stomach clenching outlay of dosh

Next up we have the new G3 OLED TV from LG, really the first of the 2023 crop, reviewed by TV expert, John Archer. In John's opinion, this will be one of (or the) most important OLED TV releases this year.

And finally we have the new Bowers & Wilkins in-ear marvels, the Pi7 S2. They may look remarkably similar to the award-winning predecessor, but there's more to these earphones than meets the eye.

We hope you enjoy the reviews and don't forget you can contact the reviewers for more information on our helpline