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Sound Advice goes Live, 31 October at 14:30 and again at 14:30. You can book a space here SIGN UP FOR SOUND ADVICE LIVE.

Our sessions so far have been mightily interesting and successful with the subsequent viewings on our YouTube channel reaching many 10s of thousands.

To join in, please fill in the registration (it's just an email address) and we will send you a link 24 hours before the events are due to stream.

Sound Advice Live it's your chance to hear what our experts have to say on a variety of topics and to get your queries answered. On the October Sessions, Andrew Everard, Simon Lucas, Ed Selley, Steve Withers and Verity Burns will be live to hand out their thoughts and opinions and looking at headphones, a stonkingly great music system, two new TVs and an AVR to blow your socks off.

Sound Advice Live will be streamed to your computer, phone or TV and you will be able to interact with questions via the chat facility. If there are any other particular models that you would like the team to chat about, just let us know on info@

Each session will last for around 30 minutes and it will be recorded and made available on our Sound Advice YouTube channel within 24 hours.

We're looking forward to seeing you.