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The Bowers & Wilkins 700 Series has been redesigned and upgraded with what promises to be significant improvements to sound quality. The range has proved to be Bowers & Wilkins biggest seller across the world in comparison to the more budget oriented 600 Series and the flagship 800 range. In the new eight-speaker 700 Series S3 range, specifications have been improved although prices are higher than the previous S2 range. The popular 705 will now sell for £2,600, the previous version was around £2000. Prices range from £1300 for the entry level 707 to £5,500 for the top of the range floorstanding 702 S3.

Much of the acoustic improvements are courtesy of drip-down technology for the recently upgraded, and much pricier, 800 Diamond series as well as the introduction on more models of the distinctive Solid Body Tweeter on Top technology. This will now be featured on the 702 S3 and 703 S3 floorstanding loudspeakers, the 705 S3 stand mount model and the HTM71 S3 centre channel loudspeaker. The inclusion of the Tweeter on top in a centre speaker for the first time will be a popular move for home cinema fans who will have the option of building a complete 700-Series home theatre system featuring Tweeter on-Top throughout.

The range will be available in shops from today. We will be reviewing the 705 sometime in October when we can get our hands on a pair.

Prices are as follows: 707 bookshelf - £1300; 706 S3 standmount - £1650; 705 S3 standmount - £2,600; 704 S3 floorstander £3,000; 703 S3 £4,200; 702 Floorstander; £5,500; HTM72 S3 centre-channel: £1000.

702 S3 benefits from technology developed for the pricier 800 Series
Home cinema set-up with HTM72 S3 centre, 703 S3 left and right and 705 rears