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The new Nain NSC222 preamp/streamer and the updated NAP 250 power amp

As Sound Advice's world renowned reviewer, Andrew Everard says, they’ve taken their time down at the Naim factory in Salisbury, it’s getting on for four years since any new mainstream products were launched.

But now we've got to review the long awaited new NSC222 pre amp/ music streamer and the latest iteration of the long-standing NAP 250 power amp. And what a swell pair they make.

"Mixing superb performance, solid build and simplicity of operation with subtle, purposeful styling, Naim’s New Classics combine all the attributes of the company’s range with enhanced user-appeal. This is high-end audio with all the faff and fiddle taken away, and all the better for that."

Read Andrew's full, in-depth and insightful review here: