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As reviewers for Sound Advice we know we are in a privileged position when it comes to hearing and living with some extraordinary, stratospherically priced products. So it's a nice surprise when something comes along that's performance blows you away and it doesn’t cost the earth. Editor Bruce Black's 2022 favourite is just such a product:

"Enter the PMC Twenty5 23i floorstanding stereo loudspeakers: For me an almost perfect piece of kit for an average sized room – fabulous performance, elegant in a non-showy off, glitzty sort of way, far from being room dominating in size and with a bass extension that must have many rivals gnashing their teeth in envy. Here is an example of using technology to get an engaging and highly thrilling sound. Whatever you listen to, this is a speaker that will surprise and delight in equal measure.

"What's more, they cost less than a two week family holiday on the Med with the added advantages that you have something that lasts for years, delivers much more enjoyment than a glass of ouzo ever can, and you don't have to suffer Zorba the Greek every night".

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