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German brand Loewe has a long and distinguished reputation for bringing unique and desirable televisions and audio systems to AV fans across Europe. From humble beginnings in 1923 when brothers David and Siegmund Loewe started making radios in their native Berlin, the company has grown into a much-loved AV brand known for making luxurious products aimed at premium customers, but which also remain within the reach of more mainstream consumers prepared to push the boat out for something special.

Loewe products can always be relied on to combine superior designs that typically include multiple set up options with uncompromising picture and sound standards.

So familiar and welcome a sight had Loewe’s distinctive blend of looks and performance become on the UK AV landscape, in fact, that it came as a huge shock when the brand was forced to take a hiatus from the UK market in 2019. Much less of a surprise, though, is not only the speed with which Loewe has bounced back in 2022, but just how impressive that bounce back looks. 

The brand has hit the ground sprinting with its UK return in the shape of its excellent ‘bild i’ TVs (check out our review). These supermodels boast gorgeously designed and high performance OLED screens, a selection of equally attractive floor, wall and desktop mounts, and even a beautifully integrated optional eight-driver soundbar that easily attaches to the TV’s bottom edge and looks if it was always meant to be there.

In short, the bild i range shows that far from waving the white flag, Loewe has seized its brief UK time out as an opportunity to both speed up its ability to respond to key TV technology changes, and add even more refinement, focus, imagination and flexibility to its already unique proposition. 

What a difference a few years makes - compare this monster to the elegant new Bild i
First Loewe TV, 1931