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When it comes to TVs, there is no one more experienced, authoritative, sensible and straight talking as our own John Archer. So when he chooses a TV as his favourite product for 2022, you better sit up and listen, or watch or both...

"We’ve been seriously spoiled on the TV front in 2022. The new Quantum Dot OLED TVs from Samsung and, especially, Sony have moved the dial on what we can expect from OLED in terms of brightness and colour, while regular OLED TVs, too, have taken another big step forward.

"In fact it’s one of the latter, the Philips 65OLED937, that’s most stood out to me from the models I’ve tested for Sound Advice over the past year. The thing about the 65OLED937 is that while it delivers one of the sharpest, most dynamic and most vibrant pictures the OLED world has seen, that’s just the start of its charms. 

"Its sound quality is also stellar thanks to a desktop stand that cunningly doubles up as a hugely powerful multi-channel, Dolby Atmos-capable external speaker system designed with UK hi-fi brand Bowers & Wilkins. To top things off, the 65OLED937’s design is a stunning combination of gleaming metal, eye-catching slimness and, best of all, Ambilight, which sees LEDs ranged around all four sides of the TV’s rear casting out light that can match with uncanny accuracy both the tone and location of the colours in the images you’re watching.

"An issue with gaming at full resolution with 4K/120Hz feeds may give gamers reason to hesitate, but for everyone else the 65OLED937 feels more like a uniquely immersive home entertainment experience than a mere TV."

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