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When it comes to pronouncing iFi, you can get yourself into all sorts of trouble. It's pronounced eye-Fi rather than Iffy, which would put an underserved whole different complexion on the brand...
iFi has only been around for 10 years but in that time, they have carved out a reputation for designing innovative and technically impressive products that often differ significantly from their rivals both in the components used and the way they are employed.

Based in Southport in the UK, they have created a comprehensive range of DACs, headphone amps and phono stages supported by a vast selection of accessories.

Its focus on the value end of the market has been impressively successful with the result of creating a loyal and loving customer base.

Now they are focusing on bringing this engineering approach into new categories and price points.

The Neo Stream is the first all in one streamer that the company has released and pretty impressive it is too. You can read our in depth review is here.

Read one of the first UK reviews of the iFi Neo stream music streamer here