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Ed's choices of speakers may not be the most obvious, they are a far cry from the massive floor standers that may be associated with many hi fi reviewers. These are modest, small with a captivating sound, which is just why Ed loves them.

“The Neat Petite Classic perfectly embodies what I want in a hifi product and did so better than anything else I've reviewed this year. This is a well made, sensibly sized and completely room friendly speaker that asks very little of its owners.

Having demanded nothing of you, the Neat goes on to deliver a level of sheer musical joy and involvement that even some very expensive alternatives cannot get near.

"To listen to music you love on the Petite Classic is to experience it with a life and energy that draws you in and leaves you grinning.

"This is what it's all about".

A firm favourite n the Selley household, the Petite Classics live up to the name in both senses