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Look out for this on Sound Advice to show which are your most popular models

Sound Advice's Most Popular stereo speakers are just that; These are the models that you visit and spend time reading about on the site, time and time again. In recognition of their popularity, we’ve decided to give you an indication of what these speakers are by adding on the Most Popular logo to the PMC prodigy5 (one of our very recent reviews), Monitor Audio Platinum 300G, and Wharfedale Evo 4, which incidently has been on the site since we launched 14 months ago. 

It may be price, or an added benefit, exclusively for those models offering exceptional value

Also in this section you will find our Best Deal for stereo speakers, the remarkable Bowers & Wilkins 603 S2 Anniversary, which has been superseded by a newer model (review to appear shortly).  However, the current, widely available selling price of under £1000, compared to £1699 when we reviewed it last year, really makes it worth serious consideration.

Stereo speakers is the first to get the Most Popular treatment, and we will follow-up later this week with Wireless Speakers, and following that, Amplifiers and Music Streamers. Each of the Sound Advice categories will have Most Popular models indicated by the end of September.

Most Popular products will be checked every month to keep them current and up to date, soexpect plenty of change as new reviews are added to the site.

Look out for our top performing speakers, the ones that you love and the best deals around