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The amplifier is the heart and soul of any music system, you are not going to get very far without one so it makes sense to buy the best that you possibly can.

As a guide, these are the Most Popular models with Sound Advice readers, the most visited and read reviews on our site. The top three are: the £1099 Audiolab 7000, which was reviewed with the matching CDT transport, the £1299 NAD 3050, and the £1699 Denon PMA-1700NE.

Also included is the Marantz Model 30 as our Best Deal. The amp was a real favourite with the reviewer, Andrew Everard, he praised its performance, and value for money at £2,800. Now the amp is widely available for £2049 and at a few retailers for under £2000, so if you are in the market for a new amp "that has plenty of power on hand to deal not just with demanding speakers, but also the dynamics of music", then this should be worth serious consideration.

The Most Popular ranking are checked on a monthly basis and as new models are reviewed, so the rankings are likely to change

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